Log Book Service


When you purchase a new vehicle a logbook is supplied. This booklet provides both owners and mechanics with information regarding the service procedures, inspection points and servicing intervals required for the operation of the vehicle set to manufacturer’s requirements.

To retain your warranty the logbook must be stamped by a service centre and parts/lubricants used must also be genuine, or at least equal to, the manufacturer’s specifications.

Servicing is completed to the highest standard and we proudly use premium Gulf Western oils and genuine or branded products which are subject to the supplier’s stringent manufacturing (OEM) standards

Virginia Automotive Minor Service is based on the manufacturer’s logbook’s minimum service requirements to ensure your warranty is maintained.

Virginia Automotive Major Service is a more extensive service including items from our Minor Service plus spark plugs

stock-vector-dashboard-with-gauge-speedometer-tachometer-fuel-temperature-accumulator-charge-gauge-vector-399741916[1]With so many vehicle manufacturers, and within that, different models we can’t price all vehicle logbook services on an individual basis. All we need is the vehicle’s rego and the number of kilolmetres it’s done and its last service/book stamp. You can  call us, email us or send this information to us through our contact page.

After our service we can then inform you what other requirements your vehicle may need or a service program for short term requirements or items for your next logbook service. This will enhance the safety and reliability of your vehicle while minimising your costs.

When you choose Virginia Automotive for your logbook service, we will pamper both you and your vehicle!